Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Quickie... (quckie?)

Quick one before I leave for "Calender Girls"...

Learnt something from a frd of mine a few days back. bei ai shi xing fu (being loved is fortunate)... ai ren shi tong ku (loving someone is painful)... bi ci xiang ai dan bu ke yi zai yi qi gen tong ku (loving each other yet can't be together is even more painful)... very good example can be found in folklores like the stories of madam white snake and liang zhu (butterfly lovers) and of cos in the example of my frd... haiz... we both attributed it to tian yi (heaven's will)...

Things will not always happen in the way you want it to happen.
Love is something that can't be controlled, you can only supress it.
No point asking why or how come, just do your best to solve the problem.
Love is difficult subject, but people still pass it with flying colours afterall, cos they made the effort.

K, gonna be late...

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