Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Countdown to 2004

In a few hours its 2004. A new year to start afresh with. Looking back, this year was filled wif ups n downs.. more downs thn ups really.

i had wrote b4, as time passed whtever u do will just be a memory. so let whtever happened be just a nightmare, a memory.... A memory which i really wana forget. i'm free now... Never felt so relieved b4. i said bye to a certain person n it'll be foreva. after doin tt, i felt so relieved. just like havin a heavy load taken off me... just a question tt i'm faced with. am i weird? am i the only one ard me in my group of frds or in the world tt can accept ex-es being as close frds? am i the only one ard me in my group of frds or in the world tt can accept platonic friendship? how i define platonic? a very very close frd who is the opposite sex as u. u go out together, call each other, tease each other, punch each other n help each other, blah blah, whether u have bf/gf or not.

i had 3 very close platonic frds. one became my bf n din tok to me after i broke up wif him. maybe we din know how to tok to each other then. now its just "hi" "bye" kinda tok... i chose to say goodbye to another ex after things happened. dun be mistaken, we were as close as siblings after we broke up, but things jus happened n now i choose to hate/ignore him for life.

3rd one is my Baby. he was my listening ear n one of my closest n bestest frd. Now tt we're together, he's still someone who i tell everything to. Someone who shares all my troubles n probs. usually, somehow u'll wana keep a little stuff from yr bf, but Baby is diff. Mayb he's too close to me tt i just tell him everything. everyone will agree tt its hard to have a bf/gf who is yr bestest n closest frd at the same time. mayb its fate ah? fate, to have a person who is yr bf n yr bestest n closest frd at the same time. hehe... now, i have no more platonic frds, except my Baby... *muacks*

on the 2nd last day of the year, at approx 2.15am, showbiz lost another big shining star. She's Anita Mui. Talanted in every aspect be it performing on stage, singing or dancing. whn u c her perform, u can tell she's very confident tt she's puttin up a good show for the auidence. the song tt i'll always remb is her "why why tell me why..." always sing tt line to my parents whn i was younger if i had questions to ask them. After all these deaths of talented artistes, we have lost some great "teachers". Anita was one to look after the younger generation, like a big sister. Which was y whn she passed on, she had more thn 50 close frds ard her. even tony leung n miriam yeung cancelled the remaining promotion activities for their new movie in taiwan to rush back to hongkong. this is how much respect there is in HK for this big sister.

i hope to get my PT job soon. Louis is giving me a hand. hope i'll get it soon. too much time bumming at home. tt's y i say its a new year... time to start afresh.

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