Thursday, April 11, 2002


2 entries? Yep... After gloating, its down to serious matters. Altough I'm aso waiting for Man U's match to start.

I asked myself jus now, wht's the definition of friends, good friends, best friends. I remb having an entry abt all my friends in Aug last year, when I was jus starting on tis online diary thingy. I quote "FRIENDS r there, 24/7, showering u wif love, concern, care, attention, blah, blah, blah…"

Sisters, we may not be in contact (I mean email, phone, sms...) everyday, or even months! I may not show attention or concern, but deep down I care! My hp is on 24/7... Call me if there's any probs or if u wish to tok k?

Usually we mit up during birthdays, or the beginning of the school term whn Jen n Ange are more free. There was a period of time whn they were going out wifout me cos I was studying on weekdays, working on weekends. There was a period of time whn Yue wasn't going out with us. There was a period of time whn Jen aso didn't go out with us. In the end, we still could manage an odd time or 2 when all are present! It takes 2 hands to clap, when one calls us up to say, "let's mit", we all try to do so. Its usually whn we go out, I tok non-stop to update u pple rite?

Are phonecalls and emails really that important? Maybe... But u pple kn that frm sec sch, I dun have the habit of making phone calls to chit chat cos I prefer to chat face to face. And the reason to have tis online diary is so that whn u guys are online, u can read all updates abt me. Everythg is up here.

Promises are still promises and it's there to keep. ALL of you will still be my bridesmaids no matter wht happens whn I walk down the aisle.

Ange n Jen are cramming for exams now, let's mit after their exams! cya guys thn...

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