Thursday, April 11, 2002

Gloating... Haha!!!

POOL IS OUTA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! Muuuuuaaaaaahhhhhahhhhhaaaaaaahhaaa!!! Amok/Kloozo/Jester (whtever u wana be called), r u reading tis!?!?! Muuuaaaahhhhaaaahhhhhhaaaa!!! I'm gloating! Yesh! I'm gloating! And I admit! K, enuff of gloating, sekali gt retribution... *touch wood*

The keep-left thingy on escalators have spread to ALL MRT stations! Shiok! On Mon, some radio station, forgotten which one, was at Raffles Place to cover the event. The DJ was saying keep-left and immediately I saw tis person who was originally on the right, shifted to the left. Haha... But some escalators dun have the signs, like the ones exiting the MRT stations. Pple take for granted and stand on the right... Haiz...

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