Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Friday's cmin!!! Yesh!!!

Man U's playing the 2nd leg of the Champions League Semi later. The first leg was played at Old Trafford and it drew 2-2. We have to draw 3-3 or win the match to get us thru. Hope they are able to do it!

Tmr's public holiday, no wonder thr's so many pple in trivia. Yeshhhhhhh, my last day's on Fri. Leaving the shity management at last!!! Wahou!!! Jus thking abt it makes me damn freaking happy! Haha!!!

Chris has 18 more readings to go thru before his nxt paper on Thurs. Dunno if he can finish it in time... Haizzz, a bit worrying... N he? Stressed but like a bit relax... Hope the red bull's enuff to tide over tis few days. Another paper on nxt Mon. (*Sayang* dear, gambatte!)

I've forgotten wht are exams literally, until I'm able to find a course I like and start it nxt year. The last paper that I actually stressed out for was almost more then half a year ago... For my advanced DVD course...

The IVP season's starting soon... This cmin July sem... Ngee Ann, all the best! Hope we have enuff gals tis year to form a team... Hehe... Gambatte!

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