Monday, August 14, 2006

Rice Table @ International Bldg

went to rice table on saturday with the gals to celebrate yue's bday in advanced. not too bad a spread. 20 dishes for u to choose from for dinner. n its a ala-carte buffet style. some dishes were damn yummy, some were ok only...

satay could b better without the sauce.

tahu telor could b better if excess oil was drained properly.

ikan billis could b better if they are crispier.

achar damn got kick.

curried tofu was normal.

sayur lodeh was a disappoinment. not lemak enough.

prawns should have bigger serving. the size of the prawns were so damn small n each dishes was served with one slice/piece per pax.

kangkong ok lor.

fruit salad was unique.

perkedel was a tad salty, but damn sadap.

grilled chiken was damn good. only if eaten warm...

deep fried fish damn yummy. the fish was so soft... melts in your mouth.

fried chicken wing nothing different.

chilli chicken wing, din try cos looked a bit spicy.

i'm still missing 6... hmm...

soto ayam soup tasted like tom yum soup without chilli. the fragrance of the lemongrass was overwhelming.

otak, din try...

brinjal, din take cos i hate brinjals.

gado gado ok.

cuttlefish damn chewy but not tough. we joked that the cuttlefish was 4 small baby octopus sliced.

rendang damn smelly. worst rendang in my life i've ever eaten. n i love rendang lor...

there u go... 20 dishes...

rice was soft... very soft... my type of rice.... if u like hard rice, u'll be disappointed.

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