Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogging What I Left Out

After 2 weeks of not blogging, there's so many things u wana tok about, but simply u'll forget to.

gubra, the sequel to sepet came into the store the other day, i immediately grabbed one n reserved it. now, its sitting on my cupboard cos i din have the time to watch it. Forced dear to watch sepet the other day, but we din mange to finish cos his laptop threw tantrums.

FIR released a new album after so long! new album not so rock, more chill out, jazzy kind.

i booked my driving test date on 20th Oct. Hopefully i'll pass. if not, i'll most prob have to take my final theory exam again cos it would expire in Nov. Rite now, i'm trying to cramp as many lessons as possible. One infuriating thing is that although i passed my basic theory b4 i registered with the driving school, i still have to go for 2 classes of basic theory! damn, i only found out recently. so, although i had already passed all the theory test needed for driving, i still have to go for lessons... bo liao, waste my time only... haiz, but not much of a choice. if i don't go for the time wasting n money wasting classes, i can't take my driving test!

went ktv with dear the other day. at last, after sooooo long. i would usually sing the songs by my fave artists last. so i sang janice wei lan, a*mei, etc... everyone except FIR!!! it was only after we left the place for dinner thn dear asked me, "how come today never sing FIR ah?" then i realised that i had forgotten to choose their songs! damn!

hmm, wht else... another day mayb... need to study...

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