Monday, June 26, 2006

My (Erm, Eee, Err) 20-Something Birthday

As anyone can tell from the title, i'm in denial. A quarter-century on planet earth, n dun ask me my age next year, cos i'll still be in denial. Like alan tam, a hong kong celeb, we are forever 25! haha...

Friday nite went with Dear to eat at Azaru Soba at Marina Sq. I had seafood ramen. Not too bad, but Shimbashi better... hehe... of cos, its cheaper thn Shimbashi. as said in the previous entry, Dear then accompained me to Mango... hehe...

Woke up abt 1pm on saturday. with world cup gog on, i haven got at least 8 hours of sleep at nite. 8 hours of sleep i have everyday, including my afternoon naps which stretch way beyond 8pm. at last, with 2 games i'm nt interested in, i managed to get some proper sleep.

met the gals for dinner, actually only ange n pj cos yue in BKK n winn had pior appoinment. Dear was around too. we ate at Bakerzinn and ate pasta but it was dessert galore. very sinful ah... we had 2 tapas (vanilla creme brulee n chocolate hazelnut ice cream), some puff thing with ice cream (forgot the name) which we actually tot it should come with more chocolate sauce and last but not least, the warm chocolate cake with ice cream on the top. now looking at the picture, i feel like eating it again... it was baked crisp on the outside, yet very very soft on the inside with warm chocolate oozing out. it had a bit of the golden citrus taste cos it was baked with an orange slice. hot hot cake eaten with cold cold melting ice cream, simply wonderful. but the rasberry sauce surrounding it was damn freaking sour. it was meant to eat together with the sweet chocolate cake n ice cream.

received bday pressie today from my very sweet n lovely MDIS classmates, Aileen, April, Chau, Fin, Linda n Shannon. Will try to upload the pic of the tank top n card, took one just now, but it was too grainy n too degrading to the cute card n beautiful tank top to be uploaded. something cute happened in class. today's arts n our world class was about music. so our prof, marsha keller wanted to sing a song to demo focal point. (i thk) she got reminded that during our 1st lesson where we got into groups to do a little presentation on ourselves n our exp with arts, one group mentioned that there were 2 gals celebrating bdays during wkends. so she decided to sing a bday song for those 2 gals. thn came revealing that another gal n me aso had bdays on the weekend. in the end, the 4 of us stood up n the rest of the class sang bday song for us!

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