Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mango Sale!!!

I'm a happy gal cos Mango sale is back!
-Round 1 at Centrept branch ystday - total damage $161
1 denim skirt (jeans range), 2 tops (1 spring-summer range, 1 modern living range) 1 knee length "berms-pants" (modern living range)
total saved: about $110
-Round 2 at Shaw branch today - total damage $51
2 tops (suit range)
total saved: about $40
-Round 3 at Taka branch today - total damage $185
1 denim jacket (jeans range), 1 skirt (excluisive range)
total saved: about $80
-Round 4 at Isetan Wisma branch - total damage $37
1 pair of "flip-flops" (accessories range)
Total saved: about $40

the exclusive range skirt was the killer one this time round. only saw it at taka branch n only 2 pcs left. one which luckily was my size, the other one was size 40. price b4 distcount was $149, after was $119. cannot afford to wait till its marked down further towards the end of the sale where some get 70% discount. still aiming n looking for a pair of denim shorts and another "berms-pants" which dun have my size n i need to find them quick!!! cos by exp, the spring-summer, some suit and exclusive are the ranges which would not hit 50% off so soon, only later towards the end of the sale. and the other ranges like jeans, modern living, accessories n basics have already hit 40% - 50%. damn!!!

i love mango. I'm a mango addict. yummy... slurp... isetan scotts, marina sq, raffles city, suntec branches, here i come...... hmm, n i thk mang should stop advertising on the newspapers about their sale, cos pple will come to know of it somehow. it was so damn freaking crowded that its really hard to look thru the racks properly, but then, i still love mango... n of cos their sales!

gimme a lottery prize of $300. be it 4D or toto. i saw a "flip flop" n a "ballet" flats from DKNY. n boy, i love them! n best of all, they are from Donna Karen!

oh, another good news, england is thru to the round of 16, so is argentina. yay!

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