Monday, June 12, 2006

Cancer Is My Enemy!

More than half of the people ard me has/has/having friends, relatives or they themselves suffering from cancer. maybe singapore too small so it seems like more the half the people ard me? or is cancer getting too prominent?

who or what should we blame on? "dirty" air we breathe in due to exhaust fumes from vehicles, which fuel makers put cancer "promoting" chemicals into them? 2nd hand smoke in the air contributed by rising number of smokers? genetically modified foods? hormoned laced meat? busy lifestyle? stress?

cancer no longer just happens to older people. a rising number of children are getting cancers too. so are young adults like me, seng n xiaodoudou. i was reading xiadoudou's blog just now. it reminded myself of the shivering cold while i was having chemo (n now i dread sitting in that chair ever again) and of the nausea n seh feeling after that. i believed she could have survived if only she got a more experienced and better doc and knew ways to boost her immunity level n white blood cell count. didn't her doc knew abt Granocyte?

Cancer took away my Aunt M... how many more lives do you wana claim b4 u stop yr nonsense?!i now declare you as my enemy. i will win this battle against u! i swear n God be my witness. Live Strong!

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