Friday, May 19, 2006

Not So Happy After All

All techies will love new computers, digital cams, handphones, pda, etc... but for this time, i love the old rather then the new...
I hate my new comp... its has so called newest up to date stuff like pentium d, 160 gb hdd, 1 gb ram, blah blah blah. but all the software inside are from unknown sources! it has a windows xp office in it, but registered to OEM... it has bit torrent which i dun use... i dun have the driver for my sound card... it has a anti-virus, but i was told that once my dad's frd has the key for the update, he'll let us know... there's this anti-malware prog which i dunno what it is for... BS player? i prefer real player anytime. wht's a 'new live media to mp3 converter'? Futuremark, wht the fuck it is for? i absolutely hate my new comp!

hmm, the word absolutely reminds me of my fave absolut vodka... but i cant drink! bleh... n now they have 2 new flavors... peach n "i-forgot-wht". guess its time to expand my collection. but, i haven even bought peppar yet... damn!

everywhr got renovation and it's killing me. watery eyes, water nose. the flat directly above mine is having renovations. the other day the contracters left the tap on without waterproofing! my mum came back n found a puddle of water on the floor. it was raining from the ceiling. i pray hard the water did not seep thru areas covered by my built in cabinets. termites are a nightmare!
hmv having renovations. at first when the dance room was undergog renovations to convert to jazz/classical room, it wasn't so dusty, most prob its hidden in a corner. oh, the new jazz/classical room damn chio! so classy! now the ex-jazz/classical room n ex-korean section of the floor is having renovations. when i walked into the sales flr today, i almost fainted. its was like a haze covering the sales flr due to the dust. worst part was everthing was covered with dust! poor cleaner auntie had to dust every "exposed" surface. however, i would ratehr she wipe it, but too much work liao. aft walking thru the sales flr one round, tidying up the cds, my hands all black... buay tahan ah!

Sian-ness blankets me... dunno y... pms? too early lah... mayb just feeling down... sian ah... mayb just not enough sleep... but tmr i can sleep in! haha...

that's all folks... nitezzzz!

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