Sunday, January 15, 2006


To all my ever dearest friends,

Thank You so very much for standing by me and supporting me throughout these 8 long months. Thank You for being there thru any of these stages when I went thru ups and downs, hopes and disappointments. After 35 sessions of radiotherapy from 2nd June 2005 till 20th July 2005, I thought I was ok already, but I had pains in my waist area and fevers that refused to go away. My GP and radiotherapy oncologist then found out thru a PET scan after my radiotherapy that the cancer cells actually spread to my bones and liver. Now after 6 courses/ cycles of chemotherapy from 10th Aug 2005 till 27th Dec 2005, my chemotherapy oncologist has given me the all clear. As I officially announce that chemotherapy is over and done with, I’ll still be on mild oral chemotherapy drugs for another year or so, thus, battles not won yet officially.

Thank You for expressing your care, love and concerns in one way or another. Friendster has alerts telling me who had visited my profile and I know some of you have kept quiet all the while. But nevertheless, I know you guys are there silently giving me moral support.

And please join me in applauding these very very special people in this roll call who let me know I wasn’t fighting this battle alone throughout this entire time Thank You for your visits, msn messages, sms-es, emails and calls! (pls pls forgive me if I forgot to mention your name, anyway, you guys know who you are right?)

My lovely, beautiful, ever always there group of sisters: Winn, Ange, Yue and PJ
My secondary school mates: Jessie, Chee, Dasin, Jingxing, Saofiah, John, Keat,
My fellow crazy NP softballers: Jan, Qi, Zhenyao, Colin, Jen, Ben, Stella, Sarah
My FSVians: Dilys, Michelle, Yati, Angel, Neil, Alvin, HL
My EM colleagues: Bob, Jai, Ah Da, Faridah, Lina, Jerry, Rani, Weixiang, Vincent, Yin Fun, Roy, PKae, Ron, Big, Kung, Faai, Jo, May, Dulaya, Micheal, Terance, Bessie, Sani
My IRC trivia mates: eSpie, Bluewolf, Sarius, MI5, CuzZ, Sniper, gosh
Others like: Angela, Shenwee, Bern, Kewen, Kenneth Goh, Jen, Kenneth Choo, Zhiguang & Chris and the entire family, Ah Seng, Jester, Deva, Peilin, Serena, Pei Shuen, Ping, Wing Sum

Last but not least my dearest Mum, Dad and Sis. I love you guys so much!
And also, how can I ever forget to thank my loving, dearest Hubby. Thanks dear, I love you deep deep! Muacks!


*[pinky.joceyz]* said...

whahahaha.. i lurrrrve u too!!

*hug hug kiss kiss*

yer dearest mei aka kunda's beloved wife.. v(^.^)v

paced said...

wah lau... so thick skin! who wana hug hug kiss kiss you... haha!