Saturday, January 14, 2006

Results Of PET Scan

On Friday, I finished my PET scan at 3.30pm. Was pratically starving... finally had brunch at 4pm... Results could not be generated on the same day, so had no choice but to be kept in suspense till today.

Since they had told me I could collect the report at 11.30am, it was a slight race against time cos dr. hwang would usually go off ard 12 noon. Reached the radiology clinic ard 11.40am. collected the scan and walk as brisk as i could to the lift to reach dr. hwang's clinic. as i waited for the lift, i could "hear" the clock ticking away as my heart pounded away, wondering what were the results of my scan. somehow, the lift seemed to take foreva to arrive to pick me up to the clinic. lift came, 1st stop was 10th floor, 2nd stop, 15th floor, 3rd stop and at last i reached dr hwang's clinic. the recep counter was abt 4-5 steps away from the door, but b4 i could reach the recep counter, i already asked if doc's ard. the reply was a"yes", so so happy but yet at the same time afraid cos there's a little lump/ swelling on the right side of my neck.

Waiting to see dr. hwang was a short wait cos the excitment took away all the impaitience. As she read the report, "good, good, very good, all clear" she said. once i heard the all clear, i was elated, thanking God silently in my heart, grinning from ear to ear... then came the question abt the lump/swell on my neck. she said it's definately not cancer just some immflamation but she would want to keep it monitored. Then she gave me oral drugs which are actually mild chemo drugs to supress the cancer to take starting tmr... 2 in 10 people would have the side effect of dry and blackened soles and palms, i pray hard i'm not those 2. I already have to live with a balding head... Besides those drugs, i still have to take vitamin B-6 tablets to supress the side effects. (vitamin B-6, pls be good and supress whtever side effects i'll have ok). But the most ensuring thing she said was that my hair will definately grow back, thank God!

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