Friday, January 20, 2006

Live Strong!

I was watch The Oprah Winfrey Show on Star World just now. Her interviewee this time round was Lance Armstrong. Dun ask me how long ago this was recorded cos it was only mentioned he won Tour de France 6 times, not 7... The entire episode made me cried cos I was inspired and touched.

Lance got testicular cancer when he was just at the emerging peak of his career. His doctors gave him 40%-50% chance of survival only cos the cancer has spread to the lungs and brain. 3 months later, he was in remission and started training on his bike all over again. he went on to have 3 lovely children and 7 Tour de France titles. Oprah asked him if he hadn't had cancer, would he have won. his reply was something like (I cant remember the excate words) that if he had won cancer, Tour de France was nothing. I share the same sentiments. Although i always forget and never had the chance to ask dr. hwang how far i was away from death, I knew i was close enough. But I knew since I could escape death on God's blessings and battled death, I knew any other future obsticles would be easier to clear.

Then Sheryl Crow came onto the show. Sheryl Crow, a singer is Lance's gf. Sheryl's much older, but you could sense their love and affections for each other, and it was deep. Photos were shown of Sheryl at Tour de France supporting Lance during the comeptition. It just just like how dear stood by me the entire time during this battle, this competition, this struggle, this hurdle against death, against cancer.

Then it was revealed that Lance's mum, Linda was a single mum, giving birth to Lance at the age of 17. Against all odds and family and friends asking her not to keep the baby, she did. During this time when her son got cancer, she was by his bedside all the time. accompanying him all the time thruout the treatments. just like my mum. accompnaying me to and fro, being there at the clinic while i'm having chemo, waking me up and making me sure to take my medications, always being there... just like my dear too, accompanying me to and fro, waiting for me to finish my radiotherapy at the hospital...

Lance's a huge inspiration. to him, cancer was the best thing it happened to him. I'm still not brave and strong enough to say cancer was the best thing that happened to me. But it was this "lesson", i learnt to be stronger and learnt to treasure and appreciate life more. But there's one thing i couldn't not agree with him, that's "Live Strong", which i will and adhere strongly!

Now, its time to get the yellow band, anyone knows where to get one? I dun wan pirated one... I want one which the proceeds goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help in cancer research and education...

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