Sunday, December 04, 2005

Things i hate (Supermarket version)

Been wanting to write about this for months already ever since i'm ill and started to do more grocery shopping rather thn shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, etc...

1. The aisle is mine
How many times do u find pple without "license" to "drive" a trolley. whn thy approach an aisle or rack n stop to look for something, they carelessly leave the trolley parked rite in the middle of the lane. often, all aisles are wide enough for 2 trolleys to pass thru without banging into each other, but with people without common sense n leave their trolleys rite smack in the middle, i dun think so...

2. Mini trolleys
Sometimes, u do have mini trolleys for kids to push ard n do shopping like their adult counterparts or for adults like us who just need little stuff but lazy to carry a basket... however, these trolleys can be a nuisance when they are turned into "dangerous vehicles". how often do u c parents, allowing their kids to push the trolleys ard the supermarket at such a speed it seems that they are racing with each other? more often then not, thy dun bother to restraint their active kids n i cant imagine wht would happen if the mini trolley meets into an "accident" with the norm ones... i myself almost kena knocked so many times already!

3. Kids
Some parents dun love their kids, tt's how i feel. with trolleys n people holding heavy baskets ard, thy leave their kids running ard the supermarket, even without trolleys. when i was younger, my parents always made sure i'm seated on the trolley, if i refused to sit, they made sure i'm either holding their hands or their t-shirt. kids, tt's why they are called, are short. sometimes i cant even c a kid in front of my trolley, so often b4 i move off again, i check to c if any kid is nearby my trolley. dangerous to have kids running ard the supermarket unattended. n when i say excuse me, the parents look at me as though i'm gonna kidnap their kid! if u're so damn afraid, hold on to your kid!

4. Counter hoggers
there is a good reason why the cashier scans items one by one and the prices flashes and its for u to check. soooooo many times, i kena these pple... these pple refuse to look at the prices, preferring to look at how their maids load the trolleys. after they pay the bill, thy stop rite in front of the counter, trolley n maid in tow, not moving aside to check the bill. n i have to "excuse me" to move my trolley to load n to "highlight" to the fella in front of me to shoo off.

5. Fogging
nowadays, freezers have switched from the open top ones to the open doors kind. the doors are all glass, fully transparent. i've seen stupid pple (sorry to say that), opening the freezer door and leaving it open, looking at the items, letting the hot air all go into the freezer, complaining that its cold, not choosing anything at all n close the door. in the end, fogging up the entire freezer that the next person has to do the stupid damn thing in order to find what he/she needs. y cant u just look through the glass door, shortlist a couple of items, open the door, take, close the door, examine to c if its the one, putting back those u dun want. argh...

6. The corner is mine too
before i forget, how many idiots do u often c parking their trolleys at the corner! adoi! jiu ming ah!

fifo stands for first in first out. some places dun follow that, some do, but only for certain shelvings... sometimes the milk in front says "30th dec" but the milk at the back say "15th dec". so now, i'm a self confessed ugly singaporean who looks thru almost all the expiry dates of the perishables n choose the lastest one... dun blame me...

not tt saying excuse me is difficult, but all these are common sense! n pple guilty can avoid glaring at innocent ones who say excuse me. ohh, i've been stared at soooo many times, that i wonder is excuse me is a vulgarity.

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