Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mango Sales!

For the past week, i been trying to finish up the cross stitch for my mum's frd. at last it was done and completed a few hours ago. nothing much happened in the past week except this... boring week i guess, sew n sew... only today was exciting...

was supposed to have chemo on wednesday, but white blood cell count low, so given booster n was back at the clinic today supposingly for treatment. but after discussion with dr hwang, it was decided that i'll have chemo on monday.
cos if i would have to do chemo today, then 23rd would be the next dose and then i'll not be energetic enough for the xmas wkend. although the 2nd dose can always be delayed to the 27th, we would only be left with 2 days to play "catch up" cos the "resting" period between the 2 doses of each course is a maximum of 13 days. which is kinda risky considering i always have low white blood cell count. So, on monday, it would be better cos anyway, i can only start the 2nd dose on 27th, so the timing is just nice...

Hehe... Mango sales started...

so, since no chemo today, i indulged in one of my fave things-to-do. Mango was having sale since ystday, so i took the opportunity to walk ard the Mango in isetan wisma. usually during sales period, i cant find clothes of my size, but i spent a total of 253 bucks today... n including a skirt my mum picked for my sis, it was a grand total of 319. yikes! i cant imagine how much would it be at original price even wif 5% discount with my Mango card. the scary thing was i stepped into Mango at 10.45am, within a span of 5-10 minutes, i think more than 40 pple stepped into the area. talking abt 5 minutes early, i'm always so lucky. *beams*

Tip for everyone during Mango sales:
- always remember what sizes u wear. it would be easier to try on clothing later as u can only bring in 5 pieces at a time. n since u can only bring in 5 pieces at a time, knowing what size u r, u can avoid bringing different sizes of the same design in to try, hence wasting time.
- grab whtever u think is nice. there's simply no time for u to slowly walk round the shop once n thn go back for that piece. u might not even find your size. put it this way, Mango sales are machiam warehouse sales. sometimes certain designs may not have certain sizes.
- if it suits u after trying, hold on to the piece. this is to facilitate those on budget to shortlist later clothings thy wana buy and clothings thy dun wan to.
- for outer layers of clothings like jackets, cardigans, slip-ons, dun bother going to the fitting room to try.
- go round islandwide. when there isnt sales, some designs can only be found at certain outlets. dun take for granted that the larger the Mango store is, the more designs they carry, WRONG! some smaller stores carry designs not avaliable in the bigger outlets. its the same for sales period. so move around to c other designs u dun see. if you like a certain design but no size, try another outlet cos thy dun chk stock during sales period.
- Mango has different ranges, sportswear, basics, casual, blah blah. basics by far have the most discount. so during the norm period, u kinda like a piece, but not despo to get it, wait for the sales period. but if u really really really like it so much, get it on the spot, dun wait for sales cos even if there's the design, there might not have yr size. even if there's your size, it might not be the colour u want.
- Go every few days to check stock. cos they do replenish. there might not have yr size today, there might be a few days later once they get stock from the warehouse.
- for petite size people, try not to wait for sales period to get the clohtes u really like. majority of the sizes left are for S-M and above. but if u really wana wait for sales, try the first few days, the XXS-XS sizes are still avaliable in a handful. for eg, particular design in particular colour has 10 pieces hanging, but only 1 or 2 would be XXS-XS, the rest would be S-M and above. getting 253 bucks of XXS-XS clothings on the 2nd day of sale is already considered heng...

but really, mango sales is really worth waiting for. 319 bucks for 2 skirts, 4 tops, 1 cardigan and 1 slip on.

got a call this evening from p'kae... chatted with her for a while. it been quite a while since we last talked. they received the chocolates on tuesday. stupid post office, so slow, they told me 3 working days, turned out to be 5 working days instead.

time to zzz...

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