Thursday, December 29, 2005

Food Galore!

Christmas was a quiet affair this year. I didn't even go to church cos its extremely crowded. so on Xmas eve, my dad brought me n my mum to Golden Mile for dinner. Its a place serving steamboat, zi char and chicken rice. we ordered a steamboat set for 3, 5 dollars of chicken and rice to share. yummy yummy... the steamboat ingredients were fresh and clean, the chicken was oh so smooth, can even rival the famous boon tong kee! the satay was bit disappointing though.

Sunday, went over to my grandma's place for dinner. it was to gather for the "dong zhi". we do it every year. but b4 gog over, i made cheesecake for the gals and made almond cookies using my fourth grandaunt's recipie. when we came back, i was bz decorating n trimming the cake to make it look nicer.

On Monday, the gals came over. winn wasn't free so she didn't come. we had pizza and. yummy yummy... although i didn't eat the whole slice of holly jolly pizza cos of the peppery sause base, i took the crust only, it was soooo cheesy n yummy, great for cheese lovers! the chicken came hot n piping, so it was yummy too. i love hot n piping kfc chicken, hate it cold... i cleaned up the whipped potato and coleslaw, yummy yummy... dinner was steamboat and bbq at marina south. mum say never ever wana go again, cos we came back stinking. its been quite some time i last went there already.

Tuesday was my chemo. amazingly, i passed my blood test the first time round. usually, i'd have to take a booster and go back another day for chemo. so tuesday was a sotong, blur blur day for usual, after chemo, went home sleep till dinner time, but not much appetite aso. received a surprise from my thai ex-colleagues. they had sent me a new year's card with a little gift from p'kae. it was a pair of teddy bears, gal n boy, wearing denim clothings, soooooo cute! Hopefully this would be my last chemo session. in 2 weeks time, i have to go for another scan b4 dr hwang confirms if i'm off chemo already or not. so the joy of finishing chemo before new year will only be known after new year...

Ystday made cookies again. made almond cookies again and tried sugee cookies. sugee cookies were successful, so happy! so since after baking it was kinda late, we went out for dinner. went to the porridge buffet place at kiliney road. they braised items are always there everyday, but the rest of the dishes changes. the braised items ystday were not up to the usual standard, but the cucumber with fishball, braised duck, steamed chicken with braised sauce, fried chicken wing and stir-fry spinach were good. for about 10 per person, its really a good bargain... been there a souple of times already. but i was "lousy" ystday cos i did not ate as much as i could usually whn i'm there.

today, sis came back from taiwan. helped her packed goodies for properly for her friends, mum's frds and relatives. the pineapple cookies she brought back were yummy! when its my turn to go taiwan?

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