Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Pain pain go away, (dun) come again foreva...

woke up to a stabbing pain in my abdominal area. As i comtemplate whether to take the day off, i think abt the stack of papers in the office n tt useful, yet time consuming LPS training later in the morning. When i put my hand to press on the area to give it some pressure so as to not feel the pain, i can actually feel it throb. its more excruciating, more pain-in-the-ass, or rather, abdominal today. totally unbearable. if ystday's was unbearable, today's 10 times worse.

Now i'm wondering, do women who go on the pill have to suffer this kinda ordeal (yes, ordeal) every month? in bio classes during secondary scool, all i can recall n which is all, to my understanding now, is tt there's still bloody discharge, but lesser cos there's no eggs? wht the hack...

decided to take a cab later, too pain to walk, stand up, or even sit up straight. time-check, 6.45, i still have a little time to laze ard too... made myself a warm cuppa milo.

as i slowly make my way to "paint" my face, drink my milo n go to work, if anyone has any miraculous way of overcoming, or rather STOP the monthly pains, pls gimme a buzz. n sorry, no panadol or whtever tt "p" medication tt was supposed to be good but harmful in the long run. mayb i should cut down on my humongous intake of tea in the afternoon n drink "heaty" stuff like milo or hot chocolate. (yah, then the pain will come onto my face.)


The Paced Times Online is rite. the monthly pains are the most painful things after childbirth. well, but at least u have anesthesia for childbirth. hmm... anesthesia... would some doc kindly invent something tt would be something like anesthesia n numb tt area so we cant feel the pain.

Pain pain go away, dun come again foreva... (sang to the tune of rain rain go away, come again another day)

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