Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The good and the crap

As of tmr, it'll be officially 1 month in ExxonMobil. time really flies n it only seemed like ystday i just started work.

Caught one good and one crap movie. good: 20, 30, 40. screenplay and editing is superb. 3 stories abt 3 women who dun know each other with no direct link with each other and transisting in between them was flawless! u have lee sin jie, an aspiring singer who flew to taiwan. you have liu ruo ying who is a flight attendent on duty on the plane lee sin jie took. when u follow them touching down at the airport, u find zhang ai jia returning from a trip wif her husband and daughter. aside from the opening seq, you can pratically use your hands to count if u wana find any 2 of these 3 women together in a scene. tt was how good the screenplay was. 3 award winning actresses in one movie, u can be guaranteed of superb acting. Besides having them, u have award winning liang jia hui too! cao qi tai aso acted as zhang ai jia's husband. Its not meant to be a comedy, yet there was funny moments complete with great punchlines here and there. Its so good to be able to watch such kinda taiwanese movie. wang jing n zhu yan ping can go to hell for delivering crappy stuff the last era. bring on more of these kinda "ho liao" movies!

crap: an iranian movie: blackboards. about 2 teachers wondering ard to find students. typical iranian film wif a big outline n lots of simple, draggy, sometimes stupid n dun-make-any-sense-at-all subplots. typical iranian film wif lots of loooonnnnnnnnnnng shots, "travelling" wif the character tt might make one feel nauseous. typical iranian film tt made me fell asleep just like i did during my poly film history n film study classes. typical iranian film wif irritatingly lllllllloooooooonnnnggggggg dialogue, if not monologue, maybe its just the language. typical iranian film wif not much mise-en-scene (wow, i still can spell n use this word!) except for the flowers grass trees wood (hua cao shu mu). typical iranian film tt have character B repeating wht character A says (or issit cos of the cannot-make-it translation) tt makes audiences so irrtated tt my Baby feel like slapping the character. TYPICAL BORING iranian film... spare me... can we have more iranian films like children of heaven instead?

I wana watch untold scandal... a korean remake of Les Liaisons Dangerous. reviews not bad...

50 first dates sound interesting. about drew barrymore who has short term memory loss.

i aso wana watch twilight samurai and the company, both showing at theartshouse for their "opening fest"

wana watch so many movies, no time...

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