Friday, November 14, 2003

My on-goings, chalet, Mcpepper

have not been crying, or almost crying for the past few weeks. been touring, been being wif my Baby, been keeping myself busy... even at nite, i'd have managed to tire myself out so I'd just fall asleep once i "plonk" on my bed. if not, i'd just keep thinkin of my Baby n our happy times together till i fall asleep...

NP softball had a chalet at Aranda Country Club beginnin on Wed. Checked out today... Stayed both nites. There was wireless internet connection, so brought the laptop along on the 2nd night. went off on the 2nd day afternn to meet Baby for lunch, went home to bath n change n get stuff n met Qi in the evening to buy Jiamin's bday present.

McPepper burger is back! yum yum! Just ate it for dinner wif Qi. bought something from Perlini's Silver for jiamin. Hope she likes it.

Later gonna try to play Gunbound wif Baby. Tt game quite interesting, like puzzle bobble like tt, need to shoot things one.. heheh... the interface is very cute too.

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