Saturday, March 08, 2008

Americans Blind, Deaf, Stupid Or What?!

I can't help it. I need to vent my anger, sadness and disappointment. But I do agree firstly that some Americans are not like the above statement, people like my lecturers, my friends and their relatives who are Americans. I do agree that some of them do make some wise choices but then again, I'm just bewildered at the choices some others make.

Sigh... What is happening to American Idol voters in America?!?! I agree we love and support certain contestants because there's something we like about them BUT there are times I simply cannot understand "America's decision" (as per Ryan Seacrest)! I don't freaking understand why the fuck Asia'h is out while the "Amazing Grace" girl, Kristy is still in the competition!!!

Well, maybe we need a little diversity in the competition, thus, a slighty mainstream pop girl is out in place of a country girl. However, we have a country-ish Brooke already and she's so so much many times better than Kristy.
Ok, maybe we need a blonde who can sing. Brooke's blonde too what!
Well, maybe we need the babe factor. We need a chio bu in the competition to attract viewers. Hello, are you guys blind to the tiny powerhouse Ramiele?!

So, America, why did you choose Kristy in place of Asia'h?! It's so so not fair... Orh, I know lah, because Kristy's older right and need to give her a chance before she gets over-aged for the competition right? Grr...

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