Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Place Singapore On The Monopoly's World Map!!!

No, Singapore is not part of China, Hawaii or some other place, we are a country on its own. Let's do our part to establish ourselves on the world map as Singapore. If we can support Singapore's bid for the Youth Olympics, why not support this too! Singapore's currently on the 35th position and according to Monopoly's webby, only 20 places will be up for grabs.

Its fairly simple.
1) Enter the site at http://www.monopolyworldvote.com/
2) Click on the yellow "Log In" button on the top right
3) Signup for a login
4) An email will be sent asking you to verify your account. Login to your email and "validate" the email
5) Locate Singapore either by scrolling down the list of cities on the right when on "Vote for a City" tab, or on page 2 of the "City Rankings" when viewing "Leaderboard"
6) Click on Singapore and a picture of a Merlion will be displayed
7) Click on "Add to my cities"
8) Click on "My Cities" on the lower right
9) Click on "Vote" and complete the voting process
10) Viola! Your vote has been cast!
You can vote once daily for one city.

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