Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lydia Sum... China Scam Call?

My mum never buys Chinese newspapers because we don't read them. The only times she buys are when my sister or I request for them or when something she would wana TRY to read, like when I was featured on Lianhe Wanbao. When I went home yesterday, I found 2 Chinese newspapers on the dining table. Reason? Lydia Sum passed away yesterday morning.
After dinner, she kept asking if 48 (Starhub Cable TVBJ - Hong Kong channel) has anything in Lydia Sum. True enough, there was an entertainment news program and the entire episode was dedicated to her. My mum and I were watching and we both cried.
I cried because I was sad and happy at the same time. She was a strong and brave woman, bringing up her daughter almost on her own. The love she has for her daughter is really touching. When guests on the show were interviewed, they all spoke about the only worry Lydia has, and that's her daughter. They wanted Lydia to hear them and told Lydia that "all the uncles and aunties around her would carry on to protect her and take care of her" and that because Lydia had been a very good friend to so many of them, her daughter would be in safe hands.
Lydia gave her daughter everything she wanted and nurtured her daughter when she wanted to enter the entertainment scence. It was rumored that in her last few months, she had slowly transferred her assets in her daughter's name. She never gave up fighting the dreaded C. Right now, she has passed on and need no longer suffer. Sigh... Hong Kong has lost an endearing and loveable celebrity.
And hence, I declare again, I'll win this long battle with cancer. Die cancer die!!!

I was receiving these "private number" calls almost everyday since mid-January. I dare not pick them up because it was indicated on my phone as a diverted call. Whenever I see "weird" calls like that, my instant reaction would be to wonder if its a China scam call. There was even once that I got 4 missed calls in a row! One interesting thing bout this/these caller(s) was/were that no calls were made when the sun sets. Hmm...
But the calls ended about a week before my exam last Saturday. Maybe that fella gave up...

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