Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Since my exam ended on the 3rd, I've been shopping for mine and Dear's new year clothes, helping my mum bake cookies, baking Dear's Vday cookies, and went for 4 reunion dinners (one with granny, uncles, aunties and cousins on dad's side, then mum's side then my own family only and with Dear's family) that the only time to clean up my room was last Wednesday. I had initially planned to really clean up my room right down the very details like...
- washing the plastic sheet protecting my table (which my mum had insisted putting it on, as from young, my sis and I had the tendency to be lazy to fetch the cutting board while using penknives, thus it resulted the tables having slit marks on it)
- disinfecting my cupboards and drawers by wiping it with bleach and relining them with anti-bug and brown paper cos the humidity has caused some weird yellowish spots to appear, which I suspect is some kinda fungus or mould
- rearranging my things around to make space for more textbooks and notes and evergrowing cd, vcd and dvd collection
- going through my stacks of magazines and newpapers to tear out the useful articles that I wanted to keep like tour guides, recipies, blah blah
- wiping, cleaning, packing and disinfecting every single spot of my room, including every tiny speck of dust in my stationary holder...

As I had planned, it was supposed to be a cleanup right down to the minute details, but I only succeded in making space and moving my TVB series to a new spot, stack my magazines properly and neatly, pulling out the pages of newspapers that I want to keep, change my bedsheet, wipe my table and just getting rid of the dust, sweep my floor, rearranging and packing my table a bit and I just had no time and energy to do anything else.

Even my mum also felt squeezed for time this year between springcleaning and baking cookies and said we need to plan out time better next year. I told her that it was not really that we did not have enough time, it was because last year this time, I was still recovering and she hasn't found a job yet, so we had a lot of time on our hands. This year, the study break that I had used for mugging for the exam was last year's "baking cookies" period, so since I was mugging and she was working, there was not enough manpower to churn out cookies at the speed like last year's. Now when I look at my course schedule, I would be taking lessons for a module in January next year and the exam would most probably be in Feburary. Sigh, gotta think of a way to get out of the "squeezed for time" situation next year...

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