Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now I Remembered What I Wanted To Blog About

Someone made my blood boil last Friday when I was on duty at Promo. A choronology of what happened.

We were streaming the HMV radio from HK and Janice's MTV came up.
While I was enjoying the sweet voice singing while clearing the queue of customers who are paying up, I overheard this guy commenting to his girlfriend something like, "not bad, don't know who is she".
So I replied, "Oh, she is Janice Wei Lan. She's very popular in Hong Kong now."
Guy asked, "Janice ah?"
I replied, "Yah!" and he nodded his head and smiled to himself.
The girlfriend then said, "Quite normal what."
I almost wanted to take off my uniform, walk out of the counter and slap her. But I thought, too much hassle, why don't I just reach over and slap her.
Then upon hearing the guy said, "Quite nice mah", my blood tempreture then came down.

In my heart I was thinking that after I had slapped her, I would asked her to look into the mirror and see if she was 1% as pretty as Janice. Since she thinks Janice's voice is "quite normal what" and thinks so highly of herself and that her voice is better, go join Hong Kong's EEG, Singapore's Superstar or Idol or other big singing competitions lah.

Before commenting on others, look and compare to yourself 1st. Especially when you are commenting on a voice that has won various singing competitions in Hong Kong and various Best Newcomer awards the past year.

F*** off biatch! Thinking of that now still make my blood boil...... Especially that f***ed up haughty, arrogant and sour face. Jealous that your boyfriend comment that someone's voice is nice never say yours nice, say lah! No need to say this kinda comments one...

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