Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mystery Of The Right Lower Eyelid Twitch

Some people believe the twitching of the different eyelids represent something. Some say the twitching of the left side brings good luck, right brings bad luck. Some thinks its vice versa. Some even go to the extend to say how bad or how good the luck is based of the number of times it twitches or whether it's the upper eyelid or lower eyelid that's twitching.

If going by what's happening the past few days, then the twitching of right lower eyelid means bad luck and having it twitch for a few days in a row means super bad luck. First, I got a customer complaining against me, alleging that I had given him/her/it the wrong info. Then I quarrelled with Dear. Then today, my dept had a short meeting with the big boss due to another customer complaint alleging that we had missed out and racked up the CD we had ordered for him/her/it after letting him/her/it wait 6 weeks for the CD.

I feel sian, depressed, disillusioned, uneasy, pissed, annoyed, irritated, everything and anything but good. Doesn't help that it's the time of the month and I'm already putting up with womb churning cramps. It's worse when the twitching doesn't stops.

I shall comfort myself with common causes of eye twitches like stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, etc... Still, I don't feel that comfortable. F*** out twitch! Argh! Hope I can sleep the twitch away.


Anonymous said...

you are so right. when my right eye twitches depending on how fast is the level of bad luck or how bad things can be. if it twitches really fast in a few second that means what ever it is, it is big trouble. Just lately my left eye started twitching lots. I hope it what you say.

Anonymous said...

This 'twitching' is called Myokymia. Caused by stress and lack of sleep... Go get some Zzzz's! :D

Deborah Hobson said...

I too had a twitch which was driving me crazy for a couple of months. Then I thought to ask my optometrist if he had any ideas for getting rid of it. He told me to pinch the spot where the twitch was happening every time it happened, to break the cycle of twitching. I started doing that, and in two days my twitch was gone. Try it-- it works! I call it the Ranke Manoevre, after my optometrist in Vancouver BC, Peter Ranke.

Anonymous said...

I believe in the bad luck phenomenon.

My right eye twitches then generally a bad thing happens.

In the past, this has rung true. A family may have died or fight happened that involves a family member.

Never has to do with me, always has to do with family.

I try to convince myself that its nothing but history doesn't lie.