Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eagles Fly In To Singapore!!!

I'm still thrilled and excited over what happened yesterday that I really dunno where to start!

I haven't been spending time, catching up on pre-season news, especially when World Cup was on, so I really didn't know Burnley is in Singapore for a pre-season tour. I needed a break from work (I think it was either lunch time or that I was OT-ing) so I decided to head downstairs to buy some munch munch and get TNP.
While reading the paper, there was an interview with Brian Laws, Chris Eagles and another ex-Man Utd youngster Richard Eckersley. In Eckersley's interivew, the phrase "Eckersley told TNP after the team's training session at the Singapore Cricket Club yesterday" rang alarm bells. Then, I re-looked at the entire 2-page article and realized that 4 different TNP staff covered it. The next thought was, even if there was a SCC in England, how can it be possible that they sent 4 people over to cover it? I then flipped over to the last page where sporting events are listed. It was then set in stone that Burnley is indeed in Singapore for a pre-season tour.
Immediately I called the bf, and I was crying when I was telling him to go get tickets. The tickets were being sold during working hours and I was afraid they will be sold out if we waited till match day to get them.

So there I was yesterday, at Jalan Besar Stadium, watching Eagles play a whole 90 minutes and scoring a goal from a free kick. But before the match even started, I was already trembling with excitement and happiness. Before the match started, the players were in line, getting ready to come out from the tunnel. I went to the staircase which was right beside the tunnel. There I saw, Chris Eagles, standing right in front me.
So close but yet so far, the blardi railings separated us. But Thank God for the railings, for I might have been booted out of the stadium or even have to spend time at a police station... I quickly snapped some photos, ran back to my seat a few steps way and grabbed a marker and sketch book out. Holding the marker and sketch book, I put my hands through the railings and called out to him to help me sign an autograph. Guess what?! I got it!!!!!!

He signed while I held on to the book, and while handing me back the marker, he smiled at me!!! This image will be forever etched in my memory!

I really don't care if he thinks I'm a crazy fangirl... Cos really no words can explain how ecstatic I was! For 6 years, I've been supporting him. I've been a Chris Eagles supporter since he was just a virtually unknown Man Utd youngster back in 2004, when I saw him play during a telecast of the Man Utd's US pre-season tour back then. I don't live in the same part of the world with him, and there are only 2 ways I can get to see him up close, fly to England or hope he travels here. And now that he is indeed here, one of my biggest dreams, that's to watch him play and get his autograph, has been fulfilled.


Jane said...

Ha! I hope he produces some magic for Burnley this season

Personal Trainer Singapore said...

hey!! this is a very nice blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience can really write very well. im glad to find a burnley fan here in singapore. so hard to find a fans that are not big clubs. hope you never give up. keep it up.

Jas aka paced said...

@Jane I really really hope so!

@Personal Trainer Singapore Thanks for your kind comments. Erm, not exactly a big Burnley fan, but a super big Chris Eagles fan. haha