Monday, May 17, 2010


Usually when I catch the flu bug, it's fever for a night, running and/or blocked nose and maybe a little pricky throat or a slight cough. But the max period I've suffered these symptoms, prob about 2 weeks and it doesn't incapacitate me in any way.

Who knows what the hellish kinda flu bug I've gotten this time around. Apparently there is a flu bug going roung and it's just my luck I guess that I've gotten it.
It all started last Tuesday night...

I was making my way home from work and I felt weird... One moment, my body felt like it was burning, the other, it was just so damn cold. And so I thought, it's going to be the normal flu, I'll sleep off the fever and have loads of tissue with me. And I thought wrongly...
I woke up at about 2+, 3am (can't remember the exact time) and my mouth was SUPER DRY and my body was BURNING. I got up and slowly made my way to the kitchen to get some water. I was toying with the idea of waking the bf up to accompany me to the doc but was still thinking that the fever would be gone in a few hours time.

And again, I thought wrongly... I opened my eyes and I couldn't get up. My body was burning and aching, my head was spinning and my throat was hurting. I smsed my boss and HR, and the bf, telling him i needed someone to accompany me to c a doc. A light sleeper as he is, he called back immediately, came over and brought me to the doc.

From pulling myself to the toilet to bathe, walking down to get a cab, and while waiting to c the doc, the fever has already proved that it can drive me REALLY MAD, alternating me between really cold and really hot, sweating moments.
And so, doc sent me home with 2 days MC, antibiotics, some relaxant (apparently for my fever and aches), gargle and cough syrup.
I'm not a very strong believer of medication, so I chucked the cough syrup aside, and dutifully took the antibiotics and relaxant. My fever NEVER went down, ok, maybe dropped a little during the day, but always came back in the night. And I went to work on Friday zombified. If the medication's working, my fever should have subsided right?!?!

The bf went online, did a little checking and *tada* a side effect of the antibiotics was fever... HA! No wonder my fever didn't go down at all!
So I was off antibiotics and the only medication I took Friday nite was the relaxant.

Saturday morning I woke up, no fever. So I thought the worse was over. Again, I thought wrongly. After lunch, the fever started creeping back into me again. FUCK IT! NON of the fucking meds are working at all for me! I had to endure feeling the fever creeping into me becos doc specifically said since I'm taking the relaxant, I can't take panadol and I have to wait till there's not much of the relaxant left in me before I can actually take panadol to bring my temperature down.

Saturday night, I took 2 panadol cold, and slept. Woke up on Sunday, feeling a little weak, but no more fever. Took another after lunch as a booster measure and *tada* I'm fever free.
Not that I'm encouraging anyone to not listen to the doc and self-medicate, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

And so, today was the day I felt kinda normal after the roller coaster ride the past 5 days. I only enjoyed that normality for less than 5 freaking hours. I threw up twice before lunch and saw the company doc after lunch. He said I was at the "tail-end" of stomach flu. I don't see the "tail-end" cos I only started throwing up TODAY! He gave me a day's MC and I went home. And so I thought maybe I won't throw the 3rd time.

Yet again, I thought wrongly. Thank goodness I grabbed some plastic bags when I was going home. Guess where I threw up? When the lift door opened and while I was walking to the door and unlocking it. There I was, one hand cupping the bag to my mouth to collect my vomit, the other, unlocking the gate and door to let myself in.
I vomitted my entire lunch, which wasn't much in fact. From the yong tau foo stall - half a beancurd, some stalks of vegetables, a slice of radish. See, I didn't even finish my lunch. After letting myself in, I had to sit on the sofa to continue vomitting.

Dinner's over. I've taken the new meds company doc gave me. Nope, no sign of throwing thus far. And I hope it remains. Give me the running nose and terrible cough anytime, but keep the fucking fever and vomitting away from me. No, keep the FUCKING flu bug away from me!

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