Friday, January 11, 2008

That SQ Girl... Resolutions?

I don't freaking understand at times. I've seen fatter ones, flatter ones, uglier ones, worse complexion ones, even those face "tio langah" types ones, etc. They all get to wear a kebaya, but not her. Sometimes I wonder what is their selection criteria.
It was a goal, a dream, since childhood. She even wore braces to correct her teeth to chase this dream of hers. Interviews after interviews, she sees her friends flying on SQ, but not her.
But she is finally coming back! Finally, she fulfill her dreams even by going round in circles. Woots! Singapore Airlines, why did you take soooooo freaking long?

Got tagged by April (who was tagged by another friend of ours, Dan)! A list of stuff I want to get for early/ first half of 2008... Hmm... Anything Louis Vuitton of course, but I don't have the moolah!!! Ok, some serious stuff which I think are achieevable (this is what happens when you abandon your blog) achievable and fulfill-able...
1) Driving License
At freaking long last... Pratical's booked on April 9th. Wish me luck!
2) PSP and/or Nitendo Wii
Erm, hopefully I can save enough in 6 months time
3) US and/or Japan tour
Will be in Oklahoma in end-April for my on-campus residency. But there's an exam to be taken when I'm back. Well, if time allows, I would like to tour US and Japan a bit. Afterall, have to transit in Japan mah, so might as well lor.
4) A's for my remaining modules
Means I have to work damn hard. In a desperate situation to pull my GPA up.
5) Live Strong!
Stay cancer free!!!


Aaron Peng said...

Resolutions are great only if you check yourself constantly.

Good luck paced!
You can do it~

Jas aka paced said...

Aaron: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

SQ great meh? They are the worse waitresses running around .. other airlines not as bad.

Jas aka paced said...

Hi anonymous, was just wondering what is their selection criteria. Friends around us all think that this good buddy of mine could have made the cut for SQ long ago.
For her, it's been a dream since young to don the kebaya. Dreams are something that others cant fanthom except the very person who is thinking about it.
Being a buddy and a friend, I'm just happy for her now that her childhood dream has been fulfilled. Especially now that she is back in Singapore and not based somewhere else.