Sunday, March 26, 2006


On thursday late morning, i got a call from the record company again. Apparently they had some restructing and thus that explains the delay of the call. and since they had restructing, a new store manager wanted to see me. again i went down after work...
Friday evening, i got a call from them again. i got the job and will be starting work on monday at 6pm.

i told dear n mum abt it. both of them are afraid that i'll tire myself out and will not get enough sleep. but i ensured them that its for only one month cos my contract with CP ends 30th april. officially its only 25 days more with them. although i won know my roster with the record store till mayb monday, i'm quite sure they wont ask me to work 7 days a week. so, in a sense, for 2 nites in a week i can get to sleep early.

time management is the key now. i can take breakfast on the way to suntec in the morning or like wht i usually do, at work, but have to make sure i take my medicine by 8.30 so i can take the next dose at 4.30pm. at least i can have the comfort of eating at a table. if i want to, i can also choose to eat on the way to work between 5-6. once i get used to the timing, i might be able to squeeze in time for dinner at the table outside the record store's security. for the 3 times i've been there, i always seen pple eating their dinner there. timing for breakfast n dinner a bit tricky when i have to take medicine. when i'm off the course, timing for vitamins is not as important as my medication.

mental strength is also important. as someone who has played sports, i've learnt that mental strength must overcome your physical n mental tiredness. this must definately be applied to me now. I may lack the stamina for 2 jobs, but i must use mental strength to overcome it.

i can always choose to quit either one. but the record store one is important to me, cos its a long term part time job just like taka. and who knows after my degree course, i might ot might not be able to get a full time job there in the backroom so staying there is a long term option for me.
At CP, environment's hostile, life's kinda boring. but a few are nice. the gal i'm reliefing only comes back in may. n being soft-hearted n a reponsible sweet little charming gal (heh), if i were to go, my team lead would need to pratically "camp" in the office. i feel bad leaving. i already feel bad enough cos although i should be helping her, i leave on time most of the time, but she ots and goes back on saturdays. and another pulling point to stay there is the bond. I have to pay back the number of days i didnt work till end april. mayb if i really cannot take it, i'll quit last week of april...

I've to chase back the time i've lost. Gambatte!

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