Monday, April 26, 2004

"Peach-flower" month

just got back from Jan's bday party. tired, shag... been ot-ing n getting not enough sleep. gog to hit the sack rite after i finish this... n it's still NOT enough sleep.

something's in my mind for the whole of last week. it kinda manage to creep into the back of my mind now, n i hope it just stays there foreva. brooding over it wun help me at all. it only brings me pain, hurt n makes me feel miserable... it will only weather rocks to sand... its something which i wun know how to address. i can only try to stay as happy as i can... try to reamin as positive as i can... try not to think abt it as much as i can... try to stay as sane as possible...

stay sane... tt's like an impossible thing, but i have to... the pit's too dark, too deep, to black, too scary, too hollow, n no, i wun wana go back in there again.

jokingly or not, i wun wana hear "wana intro guys to u lah" kinda stuff. i had enough for the past month. i wana kick these pple, whether thy r really interested in me or not, to the sun n watch them burn to death. their "confessions" only remind me of how much i love my baby. this is an irritating "peach-flower" month. i hate it!!!

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