Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Difference A Few Weeks Make

25 weeks now and I really Thank God for blessing a smooth pregnancy thus far.
Although in the last few weeks I'm starting to feel what most preggers are complaining about. Although the tummy's growing and growing and I can no longer squeeze into small spaces. Although my back aches sometimes. Although my calves sometimes cramp up when I stretch my legs in the middle of the night. Although I keep waking up in the middle of the night to either pee or because my dream ends. Although most nights I have busy dreams of me walking around, running around, looking for something, etc, and I don't feel properly rested, waking up feeling as though I ran a marathon. Although I  never had a good straight 8 hours of sleep without waking up in the last few weeks. Although I can no longer walk at the speed I used to. Although I become breathless easily, like when I walk and talk at the same time. Although my abdomen feels like exploding when I take a deep breath sometimes. Although it is getting increasingly difficult to lather soap on my ankles when I'm bathing or reaching to wipe my bum bum after "baking cake". Although climbing stairs is getting more of an ordeal...
Despite all these, I really feel blessed. These are small little hiccups compared to other bigger matters that could endanger both mother and child that I've read online. So, I really Thank God.
Maybe the tummy's bigger and I'm on the receiving end of more gracious acts.
While on the way home from Jurong East on the MRT one evening, a young gentleman (that doesn't mean that I'm old) who was with his friend, stood up, walked across half a carriage and asked if I wanted to sit down. I thanked him but refused because it was only 1 stop. Such a sweet guy.
There's was once in the morning on the way to work when I boarded a bus with only standing space left. As a nice person as always, I moved in as much as I can till I stood at the exit. A gentleman, standing too on my left, spotted me and asked if I needed a seat. Knowing there will be people alighting in about 3 stops, I said its ok. But regardless of my answer, he tapped the fella sitting in the priority seat in front of me who was with his girlfriend. This fella looked up and give a huh face. I would too if I were him. hahahhaha... Anyways, this gentleman then pointed at me. That fella then looked at me and realised, and stood up to give up his seat. I thank both of them and took my seat. 2 stops later, the seat in front of me was vacated, so I moved and let this fella reunite with his girlfriend. It was one of the days where the day started off with good deeds and on a good note.

Time really flies and in about 4 months' time, I will get to hold my little one for my very first time. In the past, I often hear about the mother and child bond, and I'm feeling it myself.
Every night I would place my hands on my tummy to feel baby's movements a little. Quite often, baby would be very active when I'm about to sleep. I would then tell baby to stop playing and continue tomorrow and let's call it a night. Almost immediately, the movements will slow down a little and/or be smaller.
Then there was this one night. After I said good night to baby, I felt a squirm crawling towards my right hand and then I felt a bump on my right palm. Thereafter, movements were very slow and small. I don't know if it was coincidental but it felt amazing and magical. It was as though baby was saying good night to me!

And in other news, Singapore mens and womens teams both won bronze at this years SEA Games. The hubs accompanied me down to the Kallang Diamonds to catch the mens game between Malaysia and Singapore. I haven't been down to that area for more than a decade and it looks so different now! Feeling a little nostalgia about the times and days back then...

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