Saturday, April 11, 2015

My 2014 & Into 2015

2014 was a very eventful roller coaster year filled with ups and downs, both at work and in my personal life.

At work, due to departures, I had a new section head and 2 new team leads. Separations aren't easy, and working chemistries and bonds have to be rebuilt.

In my personal life, I got married to the love of my life on our 10th anniversary. I couldn't have the wedding in my dream setting/location, so I had to settle for less and found Regent Hotel, who could bring the garden into the hotel ballroom. It was a crazy tiring day. It didn't help that the hubs was puking the whole night and the rented suit and shirt was stained with vomit... But all was good in the end thanks to my brilliant laundry skills *flips hair* and we still managed to get back the full deposit.

Then, I lost my granduncle... He may be my half granduncle and stays in Selangor, Malaysia, but distance (be it in blood relations or in actual kilometres) doesn't reduce the hurt of losing him. I vividly remember how doting and caring he was to everyone around him. There was once during the school holidays while I was still in primary school and we had a family trip in. I didn't have any appetite for dinner. So knowing that I shared the love of durians with him, he took out his basket of durians, sat down with me and told me that we are going to have durians for dinner. I don't like unripe durians and loved only ripe ones. For me, durians must be creamy and not crunchy. When we opened one which was unripe, he would say lovingly in Cantonese to leave it for him while taking another one out from the basket for me to open. So there we were, sitting on the floor, opening one durian shell after another.
And he could pass off as George Lam's, a Hong Kong singer, twin or long lost brother. I kid you not. He looks really like George Lam.
Now writing this, I can still hear his voice and remember his expressions in my head...

And then the retirement of Derek Jeter. Why oh why...

Moving into 2015, life seems a little rosier. Collected keys for our new flat and now we are awaiting to welcome a new addition into the family come September. 2 new chapters await...

In the meantime, I am having weird cravings in the span of just 1 week.
Just other night, I was craving for Blackball grass jelly really badly. I could even smell it and taste it.
And just a few minutes ago, I craved for Coke. I hardly drink carbonated drinks and even when I do, the preference is Pepsi or Root Beer. But I craved for blardi Coke... Perhaps the kid takes after Papa...

Oh yes, and Man United is no longer in mid-table this season following the sacking of Moyes and appointment of van Gaal. Yes, 2015 should continue to be just as rosy.

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