Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Malaysian League Title Back In Singapore Soil

For those who were watching the Lion XII match against Felda, you would have heard the commentator going on and on again about "since 1994". Honestly, I wasn't that all proud about the win in 1994 after 2 players were found to have kelong-ed. Seemed that Singapore team needed "outside help" to win, although I felt that the Singapore Dream Team were pretty good.

Fast forward to today when our under-23 boys (with the exception of a few overaged players) bring the title back to Singapore just moments ago. Great, brilliant job! Thank You so much!

And a super big thank you to the boys who are still serving NS. Thank you for sacrificing your annual leave to play for and represent Singapore.

This now leads me to rant about something. I think that as long as one is representing Singapore in a competition, even though playing for a club, he should be able to get unrecorded leave from NS. Isn't forming Lions XII and getting them to compete in MSL about giving them exposure and building a good Singapore soccer team? Someone should start looking into this matter...

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