Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Months Into The New Chapter Of My Life

Opened a new chapter of my life since end-Oct last year with a change of job. A very familiar job scope but in a totally different industry.

Although I have to handle a higher number of projects/jobs/campaigns at any one time, I don't feel very overloaded/ overwhelmed, nor do I often have the need to find a bulldozer to dig me out from being buried under tons of work. Probably it is because I have an in-house creative team and a creative agency to help in the actual artwork creation and design, so I do not have to spend time in front of the Adobe softwares. And/or probably I have the help from a media agency who pretty much handles everything. All these help I get makes everything more efficient in a way.

However, just like in any bed of roses, there are thorns. Thus as rosy as it sounds, there are hiccups which makes things not so smooth, and I still have to OT sometimes. But I ain't complaining. I kinda enjoy the little breaks and breathers throughout the day, using them to do some housekeeping, think about the tasks at hand and their next steps, empty my bladder, etc...

One of the best perks I get in this job is being near to where SUPER YUMMILICIOUS Fung Wong Confectionery Egg Tarts is located!!! In my very honest opinion, these egg tarts are the best in Singapore at the moment, and I have not tried any other egg tarts that taste better. The crust is so light and fluffy, and the custard just simply melts in my mouth! Just for comparison's sake, Tong Heng used to be my favourite, but no longer now. But if you do know any good egg tarts around, do let me know. I'm willing to take a taste test to find out. :)

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