Monday, April 10, 2006

Keeping It Up

So far so good. Whenever i dun need to work at nite or during the weekends, i sleep a lot... to catch up on my sleep... haha... i'm such a piggie!

I'm starting to count down the number of days left at CP. this friday's Good Friday, no need to work there, one day less. I cant wait to get outta there!

Managed to get my course consultant at MDIS to email me the schedule just now. Due to start class on the 8th. All geared up and excited abt it.

Got 800 bucks for the progress package thingy. missed out by working one month less last year to qualify for the workforce package thingy cos contract was stopped in May. Still thinking how much to donate to Children Cancer Foundation... Even if i donate the full sum of 800, its still not enough for one chemo or radiotherapy session... I still have yet to sign up as a volunteer for them. Want to do something for these children cos they are walking the path I've walked. Besides that, they have a long long way ahead of them and they have all the right to survive and fight and win this battle.

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